Other Steven Horsts

In checking to see what has been said about me on the Web, I’ve noticed that there are several other people who share my name.  Some of them share professional or avocational profiles that might cause people who were looking for one of us to get us confused.  Since one of the reasons someone might visit this site is that they used to know someone named Steven Horst, I’ve put together this page to help sort us out.  Sorry if any old acquaintances are disappointed to find that I do not share the credentials of any of these accomplished individuals!

(Please note that I am not in contact with any of these people.  If you are also named “Steven Horst”, please feel free to let me know if you would like to be added to this page, taken off of it, or have any of the information changed if it is inaccurate.  It is not my intent to infringe on anyone’s privacy.  This page exists merely to help other people find the right Steven Horst!)

Steve Horst -- Assistant Professor of Religion at Indiana Wesleyan University

It was quite a shock to find out that there is another Steve Horst who is not only a professor, but a professor at another university with “Wesleyan” in its name!  Given my interest in Christianity, and the fact that I too contemplated going into ordained ministry, someone might well get us confused!!


Steven Horst -- Operatic Baritone

I broadcast opera for six years while in graduate school, took some classical vocal training and sometimes sing arias in the shower.  But this other Steven Horst is the real thing.  I wish I could sing like him, and we even look a bit alike, but he isn’t me.  I don’t have a link to a home page.  The link is to the site from which the photo was taken.

Steven Horst -- Karate Champion

No one who knows me will mistake me for this Steven Horst.  He’s a karate champion and sensei.   He has some martial arts and stretching DVDs out.  Wish I could move like him, but alas...   The links here take you to video of him in competition.  (I could not find a web site for him.)

Stephen Horst -- Broadway Singer and Vocal Coach

This Stephen Horst spells his name with a ‘ph’, and is an accomplished Broadway performer and vocal coach. The  link takes you to his website.