WHICH Steve Horst is this?

In hunting around on the web, I’ve discovered that there are a number of OTHER Steven Horsts out there.  Some of them, in fact, do things that might lead someone to get us mixed up.  If you’re looking for someone with my name, and the information here doesn’t seem to fit the person you are looking for, I’ve set up a page with pointers to some OTHER STEVE HORSTS which might be of help.  (If you are one of these people, and would like me to take this information about you off the site, or post links to your own sites, please EMAIL ME.)

I was born in Baltimore, MD.  I went to college at Boston University and graduate school at the University of Notre Dame.  Since 1990, I have taught in the Philosophy Department at Wesleyan University, where I was also one of the founders of the Christianity Studies Cluster.  <Visit my Wesleyan Home Page.>


About Me

Name: Steven Horst

Age: Middle

Born: Baltimore,MD

BA:  Boston University ’82

Ph.D.: Notre Dame ‘90

Employment: Professor of Philosophy & Director of Christianity Studies, Wesleyan University

Other Stuff:

  1. Cellist (classical, sacred, Celtic)

  2. Episcopalian and Deputy to General Convention (2009, 2012)

CD with Seamaisin (Hear cello in Irish Music)

Joseph Harvey’s Fiddle was Left in the Rain

  1. My books:


Laws, Mind and Free Will (MIT Press, 2011)

Laws, Mind and Free Will (MIT Press, 2011)

Beyond Reduction (Oxford, 2007)


Cognitive Pluralism (MIT Press, 2016)